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babyRainbowColorsHow to harmonize?

 The harmonization process is an individual way. Harmonization is a process of balancing and re-balance itself within the context of the individual perspective of the experience of reality here and now.

Solution BreakOutdebt free 300x281Both in the individual as Community field, the harmonization process is hampered by memories and limiting or compulsive habits that interfere with free experiences of our peace and happiness. consciously taking responsibility for ourselves, these memories and habits, the door to heal / release / transmute / balance / reframe opens. This constant transmutation process releases energy and space for new choices more in line with our preferences.

Where we put our attention is where our energy flows. Each choice is an arrow that directs our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy so that it can manifest. This is a huge personal power that we are learning to understand ever more clearly and so consciously practice to change our experience.

Exerciseheart and brain diamond factsThe harmonization act begins with the act of putting our attention / intention to rebalance and transmute all energies that are unbalanced, blocked or poorly qualified (within us and all our relations). There are numerous harmonization techniques and select the appropriate technique varies according to the individual and the situation. The essence is to create a new cause to change the effects. This is the way of experience and individual learning..


The fundamental parameters

We found the following fundamental parameters that are part of the implementation of harmony:

 Direção Direction
Choose a direction (preferred outcome)
 Simb Mistico FasesLunar rec Integration with the natural cycles
Feel and enjoy the rhythms and energies to promote and benefit the preferred outcome.
 Measure Gauge Appropriate intensity
Use energy in the appropriate intensity / proportional to the importance of the situation.
 BasicsCause Effect

Each new cause needs its own time to show its effects. Patience is the process safety, feeding and strengthening the new cause trusting that the effects come at the right time.

Simply put - from our point of view - all spiritual practices in the world have in common an essence which can be summarized in "harmonization", regardless of tradition and used terminologies. Knowing this, we can choose and use these tools more effectively (targeted to the result with our intention) and efficient (with optimal performance of invested energy) according to our preferences and experiences. The form is just a cup to hold the content. The important thing is to create a new cause to have a new effect.


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