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We are all learners, each creating their individual path of preferences. Harmonization is a process of gradual reintegration and tuning, accepting the present here and now as a starting point for a new inclusive and transparent preference.

 The fundamentals

We assume the following basic factors:


The whole which is (always was and always will be) is a manifestation of pure consciousness in fragmented form of energy in the relativity of time / space.


Cause EffectPrimaryUniversalLaw   Cause and effect Our entire universe is based on the law of cause and effect.
We recognize theawareness of all that is manifesting the law of cause and effect as a creative principle with the intention of self-knowledge.
In this context as co-creators of our experience, we got our attention on learning and our action in the conscious choice of new causes that increase the likelihood of the intended effects.
 ArrowChoice Free will LivreArbitroOur free will is our freedom to direct our life energy to cause the preferred effects, reaping the learnings in our way.

By the law of cause and effect free will implicitly includes learnings related to:
  1. The respect of the same free will of others

  2. The self-responsibility for yourself
    (the ability to account for the effects caused)


The parameters

We chose the following parameters to increase the likelihood and model learning of harmonization:

InsideOut Individual accountability
The self-responsibility for yourself
(the ability to account for the effects caused)
InsideOutInsideOut Minimal Interference

The respect of the same free will of others, interfering the least possible.

 DeDentroParaForaColorido Action/

inside out

The harmonizationis the act of balancing imbalances by integrating new learning, educating and acting from the inside out in your field of power.

The transparency facilitates the process of awareness and rebalance.

BasicsBalanceTheComplements The balance  The parameter of balance is individual and the effect seen by the individual perspective, including the internal balance and their relationships.






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