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Individual Harmonization

A harmonização individual  

The individual harmonization focuses on awareness and harmonization of freedom and flexibility in the personal field.

The individual harmonization is gradually expanded by individual changes . As we learned from our individual matching, we will open up new opportunities for harmonization of our relations and all.

The project " Harmonization Individual" invites participants to a self- study " inside out ", taking responsibility for yourself and respecting the free will of others with minimal interference.


The process


Started by the intention

Intent is the first step , creating the direction and the energy needed to pave the way for harmonization.

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There are many ways and tools to create, sustain and strengthen its intention , this form can vary , the content is more important.

Assuming responsibility for yourself

Each individual takes care of itself , assuming the ability to answer for itself . Each one uses its vital account to feed its preferences with the minimum interferîencia others.

here and now symbol

The conscious presence
The conscious presence is here and now integrating the intention to the learning found in the way, balancing and harmonizing.

Aprendizado graduated The individual learning
The essence of spiritual evolution is learning. As each fruit , each learning is individual and has its ripening time . Along the way opportunities arise to find and harvest the learning according to their individual pace.
growing plant small The process is gradual 
Just as each plant has its growth time, the harmonization occurs naturally with each new learning. The process is constant.
 People AllTogetherEverybodyForOurChildren The path is individual
All roads are free and limited only in their own conscience without interference from others. The direction of walking and your learning is more important than arriving .

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