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Community harmonization focuses on awareness and harmonization of freedom and flexibility in the range of several individuals thus providing harmonization opportunities in relations.

Community harmonization includes individual harmonization and all its foundations and values, extending the process to include the learning of relations.

The Community perspective brings learning / self-knowledge in new areas, for example:

 InsideOutInsideOut People AllTogetherTogetherWeMakeAllPossibleRespect / minimum interference
How much and how to integrate our preferences in the context of freedom of the other with minimum interference?
Celebrating the union respecting differences and individual paths
 TransparencySimpathic Transparency
How much we are aware and transparent to facilitate engagement with the preferences of the other?

People AllTogetherrStatisticsSynergies opportunities
Learn to recognize opportunities for exchanges, fittings, collaboration, contribution, integration ...



 BabyCreativityModel project  "Orgonite Brasil"

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The project "Orgonite Brazil" is a first design model that seeks to gradually integrate the concept of harmonization in integration process within the context of balancing responsibility, contribution, compensation and other aspects of a holistic sustainability project in a community of participants.

This model serves to practical experience to bring the necessary learning to research, develop and promote new concepts and personal and community harmonization technologies, including experimentation, non-profit, new socio-educational models and alternative partnerships, production systems , distribution and availability of resources.

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